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Urban Harmony


Personal Work


Step into my portfolio, an artistic world bathed in the enchanting hues of blues and pinks. Here, I invite you to explore a series of illustrations that celebrate the bonds between women. While the cityscapes remain tantalizingly hidden, their presence is subtly woven into the background, allowing your imagination to roam freely.

These illustrations capture the essence of togetherness as women stand side by side, sharing moments of joy and connection. Whether they're savoring ice cream on a warm summer's day, clinking soft drink cans at a rooftop gathering, or engaging in intimate conversations over cups of coffee in a trendy café, each image tells a unique story of friendship, camaraderie, and the vibrant urban experiences that unite them.

In this collection, I've sought to convey the timeless beauty of female friendships while embracing a contemporary, modern aesthetic. The choice of colors and the absence of detailed cityscapes leave room for interpretation, allowing viewers to project their own experiences onto these illustrations.

So, as you peruse these artworks, let your imagination take flight, envisioning the cities, stories, and memories that resonate with you. May these illustrations inspire you to cherish the bonds of friendship and celebrate the simple, yet profound, moments that make life in the city so special.

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